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9 Offbeat Professions for Graduates by Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

9 Offbeat Professions for Graduates by Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

“Graduates are now looking beyond conventional jobs. The choices range from blogging and wine tasting to graphic artist and more. Here are 9 careers that will make you stand out in the crowd.”


First in the list of 9 offbeat professions for graduates is to be a blogger. If you have the aptitude for writing and playing with words, blogging is what you should look forward to. Companies in sectors like IT-software, entertainment, and retail now recognizes the significance of bloggers as a brand influencer, and have a devoted team for blogger outreach. From the comfort of homes, many hobby bloggers have attained an icon status by earning enormous following @ blog traffic and social media reach. Required Skills are domain knowledge, command of English language and creativity when you plan for blogging as a full-time profession.

Application Developing:

From a small child to a grown-up person, everybody is making use of mobile applications. The latest mobile devices and applications are altering the way we communicate, do business, and access news and entertainment and thus mobile application development is the most popular and growing choice among technological profession choices. Also, the compensation that technology industry promises are very pretty, so it’s absolutely significant career choice.

Wine Taster:

It’s true that everybody would appreciate a bottle of the right wine at the dinner table, but wine drinking is still more of an expert experience in our country. There is a necessity for a wine professional or sommelier that can facilitate in understanding the different types of wine and help in pairing them with specific foods. Sommelier also helps in choosing wines for different restaurants that would gel with their menu. Wine professionals can also extend by writing articles on wines for lifestyle magazines.

You Tuber:

In an ICT era, video blogging (YouTube Videos) has advanced from a leisure hobby to a massive money making career option. YouTubers are folks who believe in self and in the power of self. One has to create his/her own YouTube channels, vlog (video blog) regularly and build subscribers over time. You can advertise targeted product and offer, paid reviews and promotions to your audience. YouTube also offers a revenue share model on their ads via the YouTube Partner Program.

Event Management

Event Management is for those happy go lucky people who have a real passion for conducting events and superior organizing ability. This stream has come up as one of the profitable and paramount career opportunities. Event Management entails organizing a focus event, for a target audience. The advertising, public relations, export/import, real estate event management and merchandising sector have significant opportunities for this profile. These people should be creative and must have planning, organizing skills along with visualizing concept, analytical and problem-solving skills


Next in the list of 9 offbeat professions for graduates is Storyteller.The art of storytelling is not new. Nevertheless, digitization and social media have added another dimension to this profession. Introspect in your own life for any possible personal stories you might want to craft. Skills required to excel this profession are communication skills, creativity and presentation skills

Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking engrosses hacking into computer security network with an intend to test its security without any criminal or malicious intent and get paid for it! One needs to have a superior knowledge of coding in different programming languages. IT, Financial Services, Banking, internet/dotcom are some of the prime sectors hiring ethical hackers. Required skills for this profession are Good knowledge and experience of web security scanner, knowledge of management, analytical and problem-solving skills and also it is important that you don’t have any criminal record

Graphic Artist

Graphic artists are in demand in dotcom, mobile app development, and gaming industry. These professionals craft visual concepts, by using computer software, to communicate ideas that inform, inspire, or fascinate consumers. They develop the overall outline and production design for brochures, advertisements, corporate reports, and magazines. They should be artistic, creative and should have analytical skills and knowledge of designing software.

Image Consultant

Last in the list of offbeat professions for graduate is Image consultant. Career as an Image consultant is talk of the town today. Image consultants play an important role in professional and personal success in a self-motivated and competitive world. They advise you on the way you can enhance your look by improving your overall personality, presentation and public interactions. Skills required are confidence, communication skills, interpersonal skills as well as good listening and presentation skills

About the Author

Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena is an Associate Professor in the Marketing area.