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Benefits of International Exposure to Students by Yusuf Mehdi

Benefits of International Exposure to Students by Yusuf Mehdi

Exposure – the condition of being presented to view or made known.

This is how dictionaries explain the word ‘Exposure’.

Exposure makes people aware of the practical aspects of the world and broadens the horizon of wisdom. The theoretical information that students receive in the classrooms become relevant only when that information can be used practically in the real life. Exposure gives students the opportunity to implement practically what they have learnt in the classrooms.

Today, we are living in a globalised world which has become very small because of technological advancements. The Multinational Companies, the MNCs have become platforms where people from across the globe work together. The people from different cultural backgrounds come together for the common cause i.e. the growth of the company and the growth of selves. Here, it becomes imperative that one is aware of the cultural and social differences of different people. This difference can hardly be understood just by reading. It requires one’s presence in different cultures to see first-hand the differences. International exposure becomes crucial at this point. Students who get a lot of exposure nationally and internationally are able to form better perspectives. The vision is widened and personality enhanced by international exposure. Going to a new place, interacting with people there, and observing the business environment of the new place help in understanding the global business scenario. Cross-cultural exposure that students receive through exchange programs or International study trips presents the global perspectives to the students which further, strengthens their personality and practical knowledge. The students acquire the necessary traits for working in the globalized world of today.

Students who get the opportunity to be part of international exchange programs and international study trips get to experience various new strategies followed by the new place. They get exposed to the advancements which are blooming in outlandish markets and may even try to apply those strategies back home. Exposure to different cultures also teaches a lot about the topical businesses. The students thus exposed to this, may have better understanding of small as well as big businesses.

Multinational exposure provides understanding of rules and regulations and traits of business in the country. This ensures that professionals not only adhere to the law of the land but also utilize it for organization’s advantage. The boundaries have completely diluted and almost all the countries have become cosmopolitan. Understanding of different cultures would provide an environment which is conducive to healthier business.

About the Author


Prof. Yusuf Mehdi is a Cambridge University certified English Language Teacher.