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Business Analytics and its Importance for Business Decision Making!

Business Analytics and its Importance for Business Decision Making!

Learning business analytics has become more critical than ever before in today’s data-driven world. Every day, businesses collect and analyse an unprecedented amount of data to make informed decisions about their products, services, and operations. For students willing to make a career in business, it’s essential that you learn how to analyze this data and use it to your advantage.

To train future business leaders on analyzing and using data to make informed decisions, the Data Drivers- Business Analytics club of Jaipuria School of Business inaugurated the club with a marquee event on February 18, 2022. This was done under a vision to drive students towards a fast-changing business environment with the help of business analytics.

The event started off with an inaugural address by Jaipuria School of Business’s Director, Dr Tapan K Nayak. The event was followed by unveiling the official logo for the club.

During the event, the students got a chance to hear from the event’s chief guest, Mr Karthik Sharma (AI practitioner, thought leader and co-founder of Decode AI). Mr Sharma spoke about the impact of data analytics on businesses, the relevance of Analytics for professional existence and how technology is changing the business environment through automation and autonomous processes.

During the event, students participated in different quizzes and fun games. Towards the end of the event, Dr Lalit Sharma- Faculty Coordinator Business Analytics club presented a vote of thanks. The event witnessed the laying down of foundation for the club’s upcoming events and motivated other clubs to think and initiate clubs with similar thought processes.

Jaipuria School of Business has always emphasized the advanced learning of students through experience. The vision is to cater for the best idea through seminars and workshops. The event was attended by students and teachers with a vast attendance where new ideas about business analytics were discussed. The event winded up with ideas and ways to learn business analytics and how it is vital for business decision-making!