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ISSN: 2279-0373, Online-ISSN: 2321-726X

OJAS Expanding Knowledge Horizon welcomes papers for its forthcoming issue. The motivation overdue the Journal to feature multidisciplinary contemporary topics, viewpoints, and rising practices in the board and promoting so as to satisfy client needs in the worldwide commercial centre. The expectation is to raise the intellectual capacity of the new-fangled issues of the expression “request the executives” and how it very well may be accomplished today in the worldwide commercial centre.

The forthcoming issue focuses on publishing original research papers, cases, book reviews and articles from academicians, analysts, and administrators. In any case, the point is to offer unique learning and experience sharing to specialists, experts, and consultants.

Manuscripts have to be submitted by email to Submissions through any other mail or e-mail will not be processed for review

The manuscript should be attached along with the following details:

  1. An abstract of 150–250 words with five key words
  2. A brief profile (50–80 words) of author/s with current designation and organisation.

The details for guidelines for authors can be referred from