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The future of work will increasingly shape the future of management education; it is not just about technology but also about adaptability and agility to rethink and reinvent learning. The need of the hour is to shift from teacher-centric learning to learner-centric education. This is no ordinary transition in the education system but a tectonic shift altering the way we have been educating students in schools and colleges for centuries. This fundamental shift to student-centered education will be a key enabler to develop future managers and leaders of Business. Technology has to play an integral role in the process of student-centric learning.

The focus of the new education system will be more on the process of learning or the ‘how’ part of the learning and the reason of learning or the ‘why’ part of learning, instead of only the content of learning or the ‘what’ part of learning. The content for learning is traditionally thought of as knowledge, which is called ‘information’ in this age of Internet. Knowledge is now freely available with the explosion of internet and social media like ‘freeware’. But knowledge is useless unless one has the skill and competence to make productive use of information.

Therefore class rooms, laboratories and teachers continue to be relevant for helping the students understand the meaningful application of freeware, acquire the skills and ‘competency’ that translates information into value. Very few academic campus have been able to successfully blend skill and competence development with theoretical knowledge. I am glad that Jaipuria School of Business is one among those premier Institutes in India.

I am happy to note that the Jaipuria School of Business has constantly redesigned its academic programmes integrating technology with teaching and is catering to a generation that has grown up with new technology. The structured bias for practical application over theoretical information, is evident in every nook and corner of the Campus. Practice-orientation has made the students of the Institute, employable as soon as they complete their journey@campus. The Institute has been able to inculcate a passion among students to learn new skills as a life long habit. At the end of the 2-year post graduate program, every student proudly walks out of the campus with a diploma in one hand and a dream job in the other. The surest way to succeed in a profession is to practice, practice and practice.

I am glad that Jaipuria School of Business has lived up to the three core values of our group – Empower, Enthuse and Excel, in course of meeting its stated objective of preparing future-ready managers and leaders.

Jaipuria School of Business welcomes Damayanti Mr Shishir Jaipuria

Shri Shishir Jaipuria