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Changing Hiring Strategies

Changing Hiring Strategies

Since the beginning of time, hiring employees has been an arduous task.  It is a tedious process filled with mountains of paperwork and long hours in front of the computer.  However, this year something interesting happened; big businesses realized that maybe there was another way to hire new employees without hassle.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on ” Changing Hiring Strategies,” Mr. Anurag headed. He conducted the lecture on 13th November.

The session started with the introduction of change in hiring strategies. Mr. Anurag said that the entire hiring has gone on Virtual mode, which is cost-effective and saves time. He discusses, “Lateral hiring might see an edge over fresher’s.” Elaborating, he explained an 80:20 ratio hiring strategy in which lateral hires are in the job soon after the introduction, whereas freshers need nurturing. He said experience B-school freshers have an edge-ready talent pool, and they are productive from day one.

Mr. Anurag also mentioned the best industries from the job prospects are Technology, Pharma, Healthcare, Consulting, and Banking (Fintech). He also says a few of the worst industries from job prospects are Transportation, Hospitality, Professional sport, Tourism, and Leisure.

Hiring has become a significant issue for companies across the world. With more and more job seekers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right people promptly.  Hiring managers have been looking at different ways of finding suitable candidates for their open positions to fill them with qualified employees quickly and efficiently from now on.

Further, he enlightened a few steps that would help students in online recruitment. He insisted upon that students must decide their interest area early and plan accordingly. He suggested students should build their network wisely, which would help them in their recruitment process.

Mr. Anurag also guided students to participate in training programs through online courses to help them with virtual interviews. He also emphasizes students go through life projects in their summer intervals and before their finals. It will therefore prepare them for their placement.

He advised students to prepare themselves by maintaining a good CGPA, enrolling in online courses, practicing aptitude and reasoning, GDs, and improving their communication skills, professional social networks.

The session was very interactive, where Mr. Anurag also explained that these are effective techniques to invest in, and the students will get out the maximum returns.

Jaipuria School of Business emphasizes the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through seminars and workshops. Many students and teachers with a vast attendance attended the lecture, where they learned about changing hiring strategies and how these techniques can support their life goals!