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Consumer Behaviour requires complete introspection by Surabhi Singh

Consumer Behaviour requires complete introspection by Surabhi Singh

Consumer behaviour is a branch which studies the various stages the consumer goes through before purchasing any product. This revolves around the decision of where, how and what to purchase. The companies are always in look out for innovative studies to understand consumer’s perception and attitude so that effective promotion can be carried out. The perception has underlying significance for the marketers as through sensory thresholds, degree of stimulus, subliminal perception, motivation is applied for the customers.

The product image is created by using semiotics. The information regarding functional attributes and symbols are used for making perceptual map.

Learning enables the permanent change in behaviour as a result of experience. The company uses reinforces to create the environment so that the customer may become satisfied.

Coca Cola has been consistently making market research to make appropriate strategy for winning the consumer’s mind. Coca Cola effective promotional strategy of using punch lines ‘Khushiyan Badao, Coca Cola Pilao’, Limca with ‘Pyaas Badao’, has been able to take place in consumer’s heart.

Mariott with its best service, FedEx with its reliable service, Nordstrom with best retailing service, Walmart with mass retailing are the finest examples for studying consumer behaviour. These companies have really worked on various aspects of consumer behaviour and moving ahead with constant introspection and innovation.