The two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management is designed to prepare students for careers in industry, across functional areas. The program equips students with strong conceptual skills to manage businesses in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on developing a holistic manager with a vision to take on the challenges of the future. The PGDM (Flagship Program of Jaipuria School of Business, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad) is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

The Course for the PGDM program is spread over six trimesters , each trimester being of 11-12 weeks. The first three trimester are essentially devoted to foundation courses, across core areas of management.

The course curriculum follows a well designed course structure. During the first year all students pursue the same course of study which enables them to build a firm foundation of management concepts and skills across all the key disciplines. In the final year all students specialize in area of their choice from any area of the offered disciplines


Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 101 Organizational Behaviour -I 03 30
PG 102 Marketing Management -I 03 30
PG 103 Financial Accounting for Managers 03 30
PG 104 Quantitative Techniques in Management -I 03 30
PG 105 Managerial Economics 03 30
PG 106 Computer Applications in Management 03 30
PG 107 Managerial Communication 03 30
PG 108 Personal Growth Laboratory-I 1.5 15
PG 109 Book Review- Classics In Mgmt 0.5 05
Total 23 230
Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 201 Organizational Behaviour -II 03 30
PG 202 Marketing Management -II 03 30
PG 203 Management Accounting & Control 03 30
PG 204 Quantitative Techniques In Mgmt.-II 03 30
PG 205 Policy & Environment of Business 03 30
PG 206 Management Information System 03 30
PG 207 Financial Management-I 03 30
PG 208 Personal Growth Laboratory-II 1.5 15
PG 209 Book Review-latest Publications in Mgmt. 0.5 05
Total 23 230
Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 301 HR Mgmt. & Industrial Relations 03 30
PG 302 Financial Management-II 03 30
PG 303 Entrepreneurship Development 03 30
PG 304 Legal Aspects in Business 03 30
PG 305 Business Research Methods 03 30
PG 306 Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt 03 30
PG 307 International Business I 03 30
PG 308 Personal Growth Laboratory-III 1.5 15
PG 309 Book Review-research of Mgmt. Literature 0.5 05
Total 23 230


Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 402 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance 03 30
PG 403 Personal Growth Laboratory-III 1.5 15
PG 404 Summer Internship Project
6 Electives (three Each From Two Areas of Specialization) (6*3 Credit Each) 18 180
Total 28.5 285
Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 501 Personal Growth Laboratory-III 1.5 15
8 Electives (four Each From Two Areas
of Specialization) (4*3 Credits)
24 240
Total 25.5 255
Code Subject Credits Learning Hours
PG 601 Dissertation 06 60
2 Electives (one From Two Areas of Specialization) (2*3 Credits) 06 60
Total 12 120


Code No. Subject Name
MK-01 Consumer Behaviour & CRM
MK-02 Integrated Marketing Communication
MK-03 Product and Brand Management
MK-04 Sales And Distribution Management
MK-05 Rural Marketing
MK-06 Services Marketing
MK-07 Retail Marketing
MK-08 Digital Marketing
MK-09 Tourism and Event Marketing
MK-10 B2B Marketing
MK-11 Market Research
MK-12 International Marketing
Code No. Subject Name
FN-01 Security Analysis and Portfolio Mgmt
FN-02 Fixed Income Securities
FN-03 Project & Infrastructure Finance
FN-04 Mergers and Acquisitions
FN-05 International Financial Management
FN-06 Laws & Tax Management
FN-07 Derivatives & Risk Management
FN-08 Financial Institutions, Markets & Services
FN-09 Banking Services Management
FN-10 Insurance Services Management
FN-11 Strategic Cost Management
FN-12 Financial Econometrics
Code No. Subject Name
HR-01 Strategic Human Resource Mgmt
HR-02 Compensation & Reward Mgmt
HR-03 Employee Relations & Diversity
HR-04 Organisational Change & Development
HR-05 Performance Management Systems
HR-06 Training & HR Development
HR-07 Competeny Mapping & Talent Mgmt
HR-08 Employee Engagement Practices
HR-09 Disputes & Grievance Redressal Systems
HR-10 Management of Discipline
HR-11 Industrial Relations
HR-12 Labour Laws & Compliance
Code No. Subject Name
OSCM-01 Supply Chain Management
OSCM-02 Productions Management
OSCM-03 Online Business & E Commerce
OSCM-04 Services Operations Mgmt
OSCM-05 TQM, Six Sigma & Lean Mgmt
OSCM-06 Business Logistics & Global Trading
OSCM-07 Theory of Constraints
OSCM-08 Global Sourcing & Mgmt
OSCM-09 Artificial Intelligence in Mgmt
OSCM-10 Export Import Policy & Foreign Trade
OSCM-11 Business Simulation
OSCM-12 Project Management
Code No. Subject Name
IS-01 Enterprise Resource Planning
IS-02 E-Business
IS-03 IT Strategy Design & Implementation
IS-04 Enterprise Risk Management & IT Security
IS-05 Planning IT-Enabled Org
IS-06 Social Media Strategy for Business
IS-07 Business Analytics
IS-08 Strategic It Management
IS-09 Strategic Knowledge Management
IS-10 Technology in Innovation Mgmt
IS-11 IT Mgmt Practices
IS-12 Business Process Reengineering & Automation
Paper No. Subject Name
Paper I Predictive Analytics- Concepts and Tools
Paper -II Data Analytics using R
Paper III Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning for Managers
Paper IV Data Warehousing & Data Mining
Paper V Data Visualization & Critical Thinking
Paper VI Big Data Tools & Applications
Paper VII HR Analytics
Paper VIII Marketing Analytics
Paper IX Financial Analytics