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Design Thinking For Effective Solutions

Design Thinking For Effective Solutions

PGDM Batch 2021-23 students of JSB learn the principles and importance of Design Thinking

Design Thinking is transforming the way managers, entrepreneurs and innovators go about solving business problems. To keep the students of PGDM Batch 2021-23 up to speed with this new approach, Jaipuria School of Business organized a session on ‘DESIGN THINKING FOR EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS’ by Ms Shuchi Aggarwal, Head of Design and Strategy, E2logy, Noida.

The session, held virtually on August 3 at 10 AM, was a perfect start to the B-school’s Orientation Programme. Ms Aggarwal cited instances from the real world – such as Steve Jobs successfully launching i-pods in the wake of the dotcom bubble — to lay the ground for addressing the most pertinent question:
What is Design Thinking and why is it important?

“The key to Design Thinking is finding the problem. People have the tendency to evade problems. The first step towards Design Thinking is accepting that there is a problem. Once you accept a problem you get into a designer’s mind. You see the problems as opportunities in disguise for designing. The next step is to empathise with your clients or customers.” she said.

Describing the process of Design Thinking and its implementation in the day-to-day working of an individual through the real-life example of AIRBNB & Southwest Airlines, Ms Aggarwal laid down the following steps in Design Thinking: Discover/Reframe the problem; Ideate the possible solutions; create a Prototype for the best possible solution; Test the prototype.

Action, she emphasised, is crucial to Design Thinking. Without the actions of creating the prototypes and testing them, the solutions cannot be arrived at.

“Design Thinking is actually is a misnomer, because it’s not just about thinking but also about doing,” she said.

During the hour-long session, Ms Aggarwal also explained the key tenets of Innovation; Feasibility, Viability and Desirability. She helped the students understand how the tools and techniques of the Design Thinking process are used in the strategic decisions of any organization.

Being the first lecture of the induction programme of Batch 2021-23, ‘Design Thinking for Effective Solutions’ spiked the curiosity of the students and explained a complex concept in a simple manner with ample real-life examples to help the students learn.

The Orientation Programme of Jaipuria School of Business will continue for two weeks, during which the students will get to learn a great deal from more stimulating sessions ahead.