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Design Thinking in Digital Marketing for Employee Engagement by Prof Surabhi Singh

Design Thinking in Digital Marketing for Employee Engagement by Prof Surabhi Singh

Digital Marketing efforts display the incremental growth in any organization. The use of advanced technology for engaging the employees of a company has emerged as the innovative trend in today’s organizations. The design thinking in digital marketing for employee engagement is the current buzzword in the global scenario. Companies employ social media marketing to engage the employees as a result of which their internal marketing gets strengthened. The profiling of employees give the fair idea of their preferences, and right digital marketing strategy is executed for improving the employee productivity and thereby corporate culture. The disruptive innovations by using technology incorporate massive transformation in organization’s culture.

The managers need to know about the different strategies of using multichannel for reaching to its employees. The application of social media marketing to engage the employees is actually productive. L’Oreal created two hashtags to get people talking about their working lives on Instagram. Employees are the spokespeople of their organizations; the active participation of employees in social media must also be one of the criteria of their performance evaluation.

The experience of employees is manifested through the post they make on social media which are often examined by the customers also. The corporate culture is effectively improved by motivating the employees to use digital platforms to the fullest. The internal people of a company can encourage the external people i.e. customers to transact. The disruptive thinking in use of marketing tools will develop the strong platform for the company to reap profits.

The expectations of employees are often overlooked by the company. The active participation of employees of digital platforms makes the company understand the employee’s expectations and psyche. With the digital transformation taking place all across the globe, the need for understanding employee by corporates is equally important as the need of knowing their customers.

The interaction between employees with their clients becomes active manifold if the satisfaction index of employees is high. The engaged employee increases the profit base of company. The organization culture effectiveness can further be built using the web analytics. The analysis of employee’s data gives the insight to the company to bring forth the appropriate change in the system. The search engine optimization enables the organization to empower the employees. The people in an organization are encouraged to write blogs, and consequently, the promotion is facilitated.

The change in digitization of business is somewhat recognized by the successful company. The digital tool such as digital display advertising can be employed to improve the employee retention. In current digital age, the attrition rate of employees is becoming higher. The organization must comprehend the factors responsible for the short stay of employees in their company. The digital signage must be used in order to promote its employees. The company can use kiosks and screens for displaying their employee’s achievements. The welcome message can be displayed which includes the employee’s name, picture, and notable success. This strengthens the relationship of existing employees with old employees and customers also get positive feedback from company.

The disruptive or design thinking in digital marketing for engaging the employees is the need to today’s corporate world.