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Emerging Trends & Job Opportunities in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Emerging Trends & Job Opportunities in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management are becoming more popular fields in the business world. The integration of these two departments has created new opportunities for workers with skillsets in both areas. With so many choices, it can be challenging to know what path to take when pursuing career opportunities in Operations or Supply Chain Management.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on ‘ Emerging Trends & Job Opportunities in Operations and Supply Chain Management, ‘which Mr.Ketan Aggarwal headed. He conducted the lecture on 18th September.

Mr. Ketan Aggarwal, Consultant supply chain Deloitte was invited to deliver a guest lecture where he elaborated what interviews are looking for in the student in this post-pandemic and pre-pandemic era.

There was a PPT presentation that explained what traditional supply chain management means. Mr. Ketan explains, “supply chain management is the process of integrating the supply and demand management not only within the organization but also in various members and channels in the supply chain, so they work together efficiently and effectively.”

He further elaborated Supply chain management broadly classified into five categories: Plan, Source, Execute, Deliver and return. Ketan dropped some light on traditional supply chain management. It includes supplier, inbound logistic, manufacturing, outbound logistic, marketing/sales, and finally, the product reaches the customer.

The session was interactive, and Ketan also answered the queries put up by the attendee students. Ketan explained the benefits of SCM ERP integration as increased collaboration and visibility and reduced wastage of material and time, Getting early warning of any disruptions, better understanding of customers, and staying in demand.

He further explained supply chain 4.0, which describes where we are heading in the future. The model he explained was a forecasting model. It collects data everywhere, such as what raw materials we have and how many days we can deliver. This central repository has every information that goes, which uses many techniques of machine learning, demand forecasting techniques that forecast demand correctly.

He said, in this efficient manner, we can reach demand and supply in real-time mode. Further, Ketain explains predicative shipping with an example of e-commerce apps amazon, myntra. Ketan put some light on emerging supply chain and operations trends and emphasized having AGILE certification as it is imperative and every company is looking for it.

Ketan said there is a close integration between the CRM system and the supply chain. He also explains the importance of the ERP system as it utilizes everywhere in IOT, Supply chain, financial management, extensive data analysis, business intelligence, asset management, HR management, sales and marketing, and service management. He further explains numerous career opportunities such as Supply chain manager, operations manager, storage, distributor manager, etc.

Jaipuria School of Business emphasizes the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through seminars and workshops. Many students and teachers with a vast attendance attended a guest lecture where they learned about Emerging Trends & Job Opportunities in Operations and Supply Chain Management!