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Employee Productivity and Motivation: The Missing Link To Higher Profits!

Employee Productivity and Motivation: The Missing Link To Higher Profits!

In today’s competitive business landscape, employee productivity and motivation are two of the most critical factors for success. A motivated and productive workforce can help your company achieve its goals, while a lack of productivity can quickly lead to missed deadlines and lower profits.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on “Employee Productivity and Motivation: Why are they so important” on January 21, 2022, which Mr. Rahul Jain, Head-HR TAFE- (Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited), headed.

Mr. Jain said, “All organizations look for productivity measures. Service organizations or manufacturing organizations will look for turnaround time. While sales organizations will be looking at how many items they are selling per employee in a given time,” Therefore, productivity depends on multiple factors.

Dr. Vartika asked an exciting question to Mr. Rahul, “Do we measure the work and productivity of the Intern?” Is there work also serious.

Answering her question, Mr. Jain said, ” Intern can completely utilize the resources and determine the clear outcome for the particular project. How well has the student has taken the particular project, and how well has he performed? These all factors are important for intern productivity.”

He also emphasized employee productivity as ” There are certain good habits of productive peoples. These peoples always plan their work, create their to-do list, and crosscheck they are carrying out their task properly. One must always try to plan, prioritize and do one particular task at one time.”

He also said many factors help employees’ productivity that organizations need to maintain. Further elaborating, he said,” Hiring the right people, Ensuring the organization has the infrastructure support, resources that employees need. Have they given employees clarity of their roles, are they respecting employees as an individual, are they training, coaching, and mentoring their people?”

The session was very interactive, and Mr. Rahul Jain explained every aspect of Employee productivity to the students.

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars. Many students with a vast attendance attended the session, where they learned Employee Productivity and Motivation how these techniques could support their life goals!