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Each course is evaluated using the following mandatory components of evaluation:

  • End-Term Written Examination
  • Mid-Term Written Examination
  • Continuous Evaluation

The written assessments, i.e. Mid-Term and End-Term Examinations, will be conducted by the Examination Departments at pre-announced dates. Each course is of 100 marks. The breakdown of the 100 marks is as follows:

End Term Examination 40 Marks
Mid-Term Examination 20 Marks
Continuous Evaluation 40 MarksCase Analysis/Group Discussions
Team Projects/ Presentations
Simulations/ Role plays
……….. to name a few

Courses of 3-Credit have at least four components including End-Term Examination. The process followed for the aforementioned assessment is as follows:

Continuous Evaluation

Declaration of continuous assessment components (40 marks) is done at the beginning of the trimester, for individual courses by respective faculties. The choice of components is totally up to the discretion of the teaching faculty. The marks for continuous evaluation components are submitted by faculties two weeks before the end-term examination.

Mid-Term Examination

After the completion of 50% course, Mid-Term examinations are conducted for each course. The schedule of Mid-Term examination is notified by the Examination Department at least 10 days prior to the first day of the commencement of examinations. Result of Mid-Term is declared within 10 days after the completion of Mid-Term.

End-Term Examination

The schedule of End-Term examinations is notified by the Examination Department at least 10 days prior to the first day of the commencement of examinations, along with examination form. Result of End-Term is declared within 15 days after the completion of End-Term.

90 & aboveA+8OutstandingDistinction
75-79A-7Very GoodDistinction
70-74B+6.5GoodFirst Class
60-69B6Above AverageFirst Class
50-59C5AverageSecond Class
40- 49D4SatisfactorySecond class
Less than 40FBelow 4Fail