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Expert Talk on Talent Acquisition  & Recruitment by Mr. Vimal Singh of Acuity Knowledge Partners

Expert Talk on Talent Acquisition  & Recruitment by Mr. Vimal Singh of Acuity Knowledge Partners

The students of JSB got an opportunity to attend a session by Mr. Vimal Singh of Acuity Knowledge Partners wherein he leads the Talent Acquisition Strategy, Employer Branding, and Campus hiring function for the North India Region, US, UK, and HK along with his team of professionals. He has previously worked with ATS services, DSC Limited, Gojavas (Logistics division of, and Moody’s Analytics.

Mr. Vimal gave an insight into the nature of the Business of Acuity and its clients to the students and explained the process followed by Acquity in the talent acquisition area. He emphasized keeping oneself contemporary and learning new skills in today’s competitive environment.

In his address he highlighted the following key areas:

Jaipuria School of BusinessRecruitment Matrix: He explained the nine recruitment matrices followed by Acuity. These are Time to fill, cost per hire, Dropout Ratio, Sourcing hire, 1st-year attrition, Diversity mix, Candidate’s experience, Hiring manager’s experience, and quality of hire to take a decision on the recruitment process.

Change in expectations: The expectations of the candidates are changing from the organizations. They are ready to forgo some percentage of the salary if they find good learning opportunities and skills up-gradation in the organizations. He also said that if the policies of the company are flexible 53% of female employees are ready to forgo the percentage of their salary as per the ASSOCHAM data

Responsibilities of the Recruiters: Mr Vimal also spoke that there are certain responsibilities of the recruiters as well. They should tell the candidate what went wrong during the interview (Technical or soft skills) if the candidate has not cleared the interview

Key Learning for the students

  1. Students should know the various contemporary tools used in the selection of the candidates.
  2. Students should be well versed with at least 2 subjects that they have studied in their PGDM Course.
  3. Students should keep themselves updated with current and contemporary practices and know-how.
  4. Knowledge, skills, and attitude are basic and essential traits to succeed in the Corporate.
  5. They should be conscious of their declarations in their CV and be ready to answer related questions from their resume.

The session was moderated by Ms. Vinita Arora, Hed – Training & Placements at Jaipuria School of Business. Mr. Salman, Head-CRC, Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions was also present at the session and welcomed the speaker.