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Explore the Career Opportunities in Digital World with Analytics

Explore the Career Opportunities in Digital World with Analytics

The digital world is growing at a rapid rate, and so are career opportunities. One of the most in-demand jobs today is an analytics specialist, who has to analyse data and use analytical skills to draw insights from it.

This rise in demand has increased the opportunities for students who have a golden opportunity to build their careers in analytics. All the aspiring professionals presently studying in the PGDM Batch 2021-23 of Jaipuria School of Business got in-depth knowledge on career opportunities in a digital world using analytics.

Rajiv Vaid, a cofounder at Kogentics, shared his experience and journey in the corporate world, including Eicher, GE, IBM, and Coca-Cola India.

Vaid elaborated on his journey in start-ups after spending over two decades in the corporate world.

“Start-ups are akin to bungee-jumping and reinventing yourself, and the team is the mantra for success,” said Mr. Vaid elaborating his two-decade-long professional journey.

“Technology and AI help with real-time analysis to be accomplished in milliseconds, and the importance of predictive analysis can’t be ignored. With the dramatically changing business models & organizations going through serious disruptions and changes, digital world is relying more on Analytics,” he added.

He highlighted the importance of critical competencies and how understanding IoT, cloud, AI, and learning coding is crucial during his address. He clearly articulated that anyone, irrespective of technical qualifications, must give time to learn to code.

“With Data Science being applicable across all domains viz. in marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations, there is a scope to build new apps in all these areas. All it requires is connection and collaboration for greater success,” he added.

Key Learning from the session:

The session focused on how students learn to code and work in teams to build new applications for businesses. If students learn to connect and collaborate with employees and people, it is a great value addition to their work ethics. By the end of the session, students learned that keeping oneself current and contemporary is essential. Students must learn to reinvent themselves all the time to stay competitive and compatible in the industry.

The guest lecture was attended by the students in large numbers & faculty members of Jaipuria School of Business.