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Guest Lecture on Placement Readiness

Guest Lecture on Placement Readiness

Jaipuria school of Business organised a workshop for PGDM 1st and 2nd year students on 8 February 2019 in Rajaram Jaipuria Hall of Inspiration on placement readiness by Dr. Kishor Adhikari who is a doctoral-level training in behavioral science with significant academic professional experience in counseling, coaching and mentoring training and education. His expertise is build over of experience both in industry and academia in Nepal and abroad. He also has professional-level experience in employee assistant program. He is interested in developing competent HR manager and entrepreneurship by combing behavioural science and technology. He has received Nepal Bidya Bhushan padak class A and B for his outstanding academic contribution from govt of Nepal 2018. He is founder of People Development Pvt. Ltd. And a member of trustees of institute of Crisis management and Studies and also director of master in counselling course.He teaches career development and international HRM to MBA students as a faculty in multiple colleges.

He initiated the session by dissimenting the qualities of a CEO which is thinks from others perspective. He also told how one can become marketable and increase employability. The characteristics that one should hold to improve employability is being able to acquire the job, retain the job and manage the changes in the job while transition period. He further discussed that employability is a function of concept of self which depends on self efficacy – one’s ability to successfully perform work and progress in career, self esteem -one’s own worth into which self efficacy and self confidence feed, self confidence – inner feeling of trust in controlling and handling situation possible career situations. He also mentioned the ways to improve employability which are – career development learning, experience, degree subject competence, generic skills, emotional intelligence, reflection and evaluation.

For more support he propounded top 10 skills for 2020 such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, creativity, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgment and decision making, service orientation, negotiation, cognitive flexibility.

Thereon he advised few tips which can be followed in order to get interview ready are service learning and volunteerism, paid/unpaid internship, personality assessment and aptitude test, improving grades, learn socially desirable interpersonal skills, Coursera/Edx/ other MOOCs platform, communication skills – reflection skills, questioning skills, summarizing and paraphrasing skills.
Moreover the session was instructional and educative and will certainly help the students now or later in their corporate life.