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Guest Lecture on Smart Skills for a Smarter Future

Guest Lecture on Smart Skills for a Smarter Future

Mr. Colin Mendes, Head of Human Resources, Voltas Beko delivered a guest lecture on 23rd April 2021 on the topic Smart Skills for a Smarter Future. Mr. Colin explained the 3 buckets of this “Smarter Future”:

1. Accelerated Trends (trends assisting in faster movement, for e.g., a rocket helping a tortoise to run and “fly”)

2. Newer Impact (critical skills no longer synonymous with roles)

3. Pendulum Swings (focus on efficiency + resilience)

He also explained that the concept of “Alternative Workplace” is now coming into picture as there is a gradual shift from traditional working to flexible and anywhere working. This has resulted in a change of ecosystem, so the workforce is now “redefined” and the companies are recalibrating expectation and skills. He also added that the EXISTING ROLES of trainees, contracts, etc. are now converting into EMERGING ROLES of virtual working, flextime, work onsite, GIGs, freelancing, etc. and this new workforce is constituting 15% of the total one and this figure would subsequently rise.