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Here’s how to Maximize Learning Outcomes in a Business School!

Here’s how to Maximize Learning Outcomes in a Business School!

In a Business School, the Learning phase is significant for students. It allows them to get embedded with knowledge and information that will help them succeed as a business leader.

Jaipuria Business School recently conducted a webinar on maximizing learning outcomes in a business school hosted by Mr. Arun Singhal , Principal mentor and managing partner, Enrichmentors.

Highlighting the importance of ‘Learning for students in a business school,’ he said, “This is an important stage for learning, where students practice & become excellent in communication and prepare for the practical life.”

“The students get to decide what specific role they can opt for as a career. The business school facilitates setting up an environment where a right circle is important, so choose friends wisely”, he added.

During the seminar, he also advised students to set short-term goals and achieve them for better long-term goals and stay focused.

Mentors are the most significant resources and support available for the students, which they must utilize wisely. Setting standards and accepting challenges is another badge students must add to their personalities.

“Those who take a lot more ownership can figure out changes and maintain an attitude that keeps them up in careers,” said Mr. Arun.

Learning should be a goal and is prioritized at Jaipuria business School. Mr. Arun stressed how JSB is committed to building a robust learning resource for students that creates a balance between the mind and the heart, with ethics as its bedrock.

Concluding the session, Mr. Arun appreciated the students who decided to get on board with JSB and passed them on the mantra to lead a great career, i.e., Integrity, Honesty, and Excellence.