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Industry visit to DICT: A learning Opportunity for JSB Students

Industry visit to DICT: A learning Opportunity for JSB Students

An organization’s supply chain management is one of the most critical aspects of its operations. Understanding all the different processes involved in managing a supply chain can be challenging, but understanding what they do is very important for any company or business owner. An excellent way to start thinking about it is by looking at some examples of how supply chain management works and benefits an organization.

With a similar motive, 22 students 2nd year and two faculty members got an opportunity to visit Delhi International Cargo Terminal at Sonepat on 14th February 2020.

The group had extensive learning, how import & export of consignment are managed and the logistics involved in managing them. They had a hands-on experience on knowledge of the various clients of DICT.

The tour gave the students an idea about how operations are managed and their importance for the organization.

They learnt that individuals are in charge of ensuring products and services get to their destination on time. They also ensure that these items are handled with care, which means they have to work closely with suppliers. These professionals need to be responsible for everything from knowing how much inventory is required at each location to ensure the correct product arrives at the right store.

The whole tour gave students better insights into the practicalities of operations and supply chain management.

The students said it was a wonderful learning experience for them as they got a chance to interact and ask questions to experts for a better understanding!

Jaipuria School of Business believes in keeping things more practical than only focusing on theories. This approach has helped our students grow and excel in fields beyond specific job roles and bring laurels to Jaipuria School of Business!