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Integrity Is The Key To Success

Integrity Is The Key To Success

Integrity is the superiority of being honest and having moral principles; honesty in one’s actions. Integrity is what you need to succeed in life, not just your career. The key to success lies within yourself and how much integrity you have. If you want a successful life, start with a sound character and be honest–inside and outside of work.

Build relationships based on trust by doing what you say will do or what you know to be right even if it goes against popular opinion. When we live with our values, we live an authentic life that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Jaipuria School of Business organized an event that Dr. K Rathnaam, the CEO of Milky Mist Dairy, headed.

Dr. K rathnaam stressed the importance of honesty in being successful in life as he mentioned, “Integrity will ensure your success.” He also advised that we include input that benefits both inside company walls and society. His words are valuable for any student interested in becoming part of this industry because they give insight into what is expected from employees once they join.

A few key take-ups away about which Dr. K Rathnaam spoke were:

  •  Always inclined to do work
  •  Be honest and have a positive attitude
  •  Identify customer needs and seek them as an opportunity.
  •  Popularize one or two products of your brand that make you stand in the market.
  •  Introspect while making decisions.
  •  Your imagination should include something that gives back something to society.

He also speaks about the truth that it doesn’t matter how much success you achieve without integrity. You will always be a lesser person because your lack of integrity has made it impossible for people to trust your words. The session was very motivating for students, where they learned essential aspects they can do to be successful in their careers.

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars. Integrity is the key to success!