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Jaipuria School Of Business organized a Special Interaction session on Management Education- A Necessity for Future Leaders

Jaipuria School Of Business organized a Special Interaction session on Management Education- A Necessity for Future Leaders

Leadership development enhances employee engagement, improves the organization’s capacity to deal with talent pipeline deficiencies, and lowers the problems and costs of turnover. Great leaders can recruit, hire, and encourage excellent employees.

The Jaipuria School of Business organized a special interactive session on “Management Education- A necessity for future leaders,” which Mr. Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director, KPMG, headed on June 10, 2022.

Mr. Sahil Nayar educated the students on how management education may assist them in becoming future business leaders and how they can flourish in their future careers with the correct information and consequences.

Mr. Nayar explained to students by giving an example. He said, ” When we were the kids, our parents gave us the crayons and drawing books, and they instructed us that color within the boundaries then only you could be a good artist.”

He further said whenever we hire a candidate, we always look for one who thinks out of the box. This is the paradox of our life. He also advised students to get the right attitude in their life.

Management plays a critical role in assisting people in their future planning. He also played a video and advised students to observe three things: body language, choice of words, and lastly, what are their feeling at that moment. He also suggested that students should pick books based on the author’s style and their own preferences.

“Leaders who have clarity can offer clarity, and these leaders get followers because leaders have a vision. They align people to the same common vision. Ultimately they have three Js that are very important in one’s life – Junoon, Jazba, and Josh”, Mr. Nayar added.

There has never been a more persistent need for leadership development. Companies of all types recognize that in today’s turbulent, unpredictable, complicated, and ambiguous environment, they require leadership qualities and organizational competencies distinct from those that helped them thrive.

Mr. Tapan Kumar also added his thoughts. “The session was powerful and emotional, and the students learned most from it. Believing in yourself is the most powerful fact. The most important factor is to keep your mind empty and increase the wisdom all the time, which will make you perfect.” Mr. Nayar added.

The session was quite interesting. The Jaipuria School of Business emphasizes the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars.

Through real-life experiences, we strive to improve the globalization of management principles, tools, and practices. It adds to attempts to strengthen holistic viewpoint, multidisciplinary orientation, and integrative abilities, all of which are necessary for becoming a practical manager.

We focus on widening the PGDM curriculum with knowledge and sharpening talents at JSB, helping students grow effectively in their careers. Students are learning through classroom interaction, peer work, 360-degree feedback and assessment, group activities, video analysis, project assignments, group coaching, case discussions, role plays, business games, simulations, and academic mentoring as the school transitions from traditional classroom teaching to Participative Learning through Case Method and experiential learning model.