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Jaipuria School Of Business organized a Special Interaction session on PGDM – The Path for a Bright Future

Jaipuria School Of Business organized a Special Interaction session on PGDM – The Path for a Bright Future

Unlike MBA programs, which are more theoretical, PGDM programs are industry-focused. PGDM programs also provide more stringent placement services. You can recognize PGDM courses as having a comparable value in terms of job possibilities in India and abroad. A postgraduate diploma rather than a bachelor’s degree is not considered a disadvantage.

The Jaipuria School of Business organized a special interaction session, “PGDM: The Path for a Bright Future,” which Mr. Colin Mendes, Head HR Voltas Beko, headed on May 24, 2022.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak started the sessions with a welcoming note. He said, “Jaipuria School of Business Ghaziabad has a legacy of nurturing students to become Business leaders.” There was also a special lamp lighting ceremony held.

Mr. Colin Mendes educated students on selecting the sector and job they are interested in and applying their understanding of business processes using top PGDM specialties.

“The world of today will be categorized by – Accelerated trends, new impacts, and pendulum swings. What is changing in the process is how the business process now. There are big shifts to value-based buying. The nature of workplace engagement is changing dramatically. Regulations also need a drastic change.” Mr. Mendes added.

Mr. Mendes also explained the Employers lens and a few soft skills every employee must-have. He also explained to students where an entry-level student should focus.

The objective of this interactive session was to establish better understanding of relevant scenarios from real world examples. Apart from this, the focus was on:

  • Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
  • Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  • Develop better ability to develop value-based leadership ability.
  • Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
  • Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

At JSB, we focus on broadening PGDM curriculum with one’s knowledge and sharpens abilities, allowing students to advance effectively in their job. After completing a PGDM degree, graduates can get hired straight out of college in positions such as CEO, consultant, project manager, director of marketing, and management.

The session was quite interesting and kept the attendees hooked. Jaipuria PGDM is one of the best PGDM Institutes in Delhi. It is now transitioning from traditional classroom teaching to Participative Learning through Case Method and experiential learning model by providing students with opportunities to learn through classroom interaction, peer work, 360-degree feedback and assessment, group activities, video analysis, project assignments, group coaching, case discussions, role plays, business games, simulations, and academic mentoring.

Jaipuria School of Business offers two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management and prepares students for careers in industry, across functional areas. The program equips students with strong conceptual skills to manage businesses in an integrated manner. The emphasis is on developing a holistic manager with a vision to take on the challenges of the future. Seminars and interative mentor sessions are an engaging and active part of the PGDM certifications as they help students retain learning in the best possible manner!