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JSBians Initiative to Service the Society COVID WARRIORS

JSBians Initiative to Service the Society COVID WARRIORS

Why save a few bucks when we can save a life?

Considering the hardships of Rural and Tribal communities, Jaipuria School of Business joined hands with CEI, took Initiative in this noble cause by donating and spreading awareness.

CEI (Confederation of Empowerment Initiative) is a non-profit international organization, which is working for Holistic development for tribal & rural population for many years.

In this Pandemic, the CEI team is mobilizing their task force to distribute food grains, ration, and medical supplies to over 3500 families in Maharashtra. It is essential to note that many of these tribal households do not have a ration card, Aadhar card (or another Government Document), etc. Hence, they cannot avail of the ration being supplied by the Government at the Ration Outlets.

We joined hands in their live project of “CEI COVID Warriors” to help the tribal families of the interiors. They are Encountering starvation and cessation due to inadequacy of aids and now has the support of the Government of Maharashtra.

“Streets are locked down.

Markets are locked down.

Poverty is not lockdown down.

Hope is not locked down.

Kindness is not locked down”.

JAipuria School of Business