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Keeping Gems Closer: Jaipuria School of Business invites Alumni to Share Experiences!

Keeping Gems Closer: Jaipuria School of Business invites Alumni to Share Experiences!

Some people argue that alumni are an important part of a college or university. They provide financial support and often return to share their knowledge with current students.

To highlight the importance of an Alumnus for a college, Jaipuria School of Business invited JSB Alumni, Mr. Nikhilesh Shahi (PGDM Batch, 2013-15) to share his experiences on 1st May 2021.

Mr. Nikhilesh Shahi is the founder of a research firm, Fintree Global Research.

In a brief session in conversation with the students at Jaipuria School of Business, he shared his gratitude towards the faculty and staff who assist students at JSB and help them acquire the skills required to be successful. He shared the credit for his success as an entrepreneur with the faculty and staff at Jaipuria School of Business.

Mr. Nikhilesh discussed his initial challenges faced as a student while entering the corporate world as a fresher.

“Students must remain focused on a specialization of their interest and give dedicated efforts to learn as much as possible in their respective domain,” said Nikhilesh.

The session winded up on a positive notion as Mr. Nikhilesh appreciated Jaipuria School of Business for all the contributions made in terms of exploring and learning new things, which made him a successful person in life.

Jaipuria School of Business believes in keeping its gems close. An Alumnus is a foundation of any Institute that brings laurels through their success stories after completion of education. Having a strong connection with all the Alumni and as a torchbearer, JSB is open-heartedly invites them to enlighten the juniors and build a track for them!