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Leadership Tour to Dhanaulti, Uttrakhand: 22-24 December 2018

Leadership Tour to Dhanaulti, Uttrakhand: 22-24 December 2018

Day 1:

The 2 Nights and 3 Days Dhanaulti Leadership Tour organised by JSB for the the PGDM students started on 22nd December 2018 early in the chilling morning with a lot of excitement. The students seemed absolutely ready to enjoy the excursion and the adventure in store. The first winter fog was experienced near Muzaffarnagar while on the way to Uttrakhand. The students, along with Prof. Yusuf Mehdi, Mr. Sushant Sinha, Mr. Nitesh Srivastava, and Ms. Sweety Singh, reached the Camping sight in Dhanaulti around 4:30 PM. The tired students were very warmly welcomed by the cold and mystical valleys and mountains of Dhanaulti and within no time also refreshed the exhausted passengers with fresh air and wonderful sights. On the way, the students caught various glimpses of the mighty Himalayas and its snow caped peaks. The Camping Sight ” Camp Awara” was itself seated in the lap of a mountain and presented an awesome view of the snow covered Garhwal Range. The students had their Lunch and got freshen up and ready for the Bon Fire in the evening. All the students got cozy around the bon-fire and danced their hearts out on Bollywood numbers. The energy was so high that it didn’t even seem that that they had had a long journey of 6 hours. The cold night of Dhanaulti with temperature dipping to -3 degrees was wonderfully fought off by dancing around the bon-fire.

The Bon-Fire, along with dance and clicking hundreds of pics, was followed by a sumptuous dinner. After the dinner the students strolled in the camp catching the beautiful view of the clear and starry sky. Later, all the students and members of the faculty and staff retired to their cozy tents to rest the limbs a bit and to be ready for the next day.

Day 2:

The second day of the excursion began with the early morning nature walk through the valleys that rejuvenated the ones who could manage to wake up that early. The walk was indeed one of the most refreshing and helped catch glimpses of the snow covered Himalayas all around. After taking breakfast, the team headed towards the Surkunda Devi Temple trek which is among very long and difficult treks in the region. Surkunda Devi Temple is the highest point in Dhanaulti. The trek was very tiring but exciting and almost all the students braved towards the top of the hill. Various management skills were very conspicuously at play while the students were trying to reach the destination – helping those who needed a hand and motivating those who were considering turning back. The trek exposed the team to various wonderful views of the wild Himalayas throughout and the view at the top of the hill made the trekking worth while. Hundreds of pics were also clicked during the trekking. The way down was relatively easier and the students returned victorious and joyous. Afterwards, the team returned to the camp and replenished itself with delectable food. Immediately after the lunch, the students started the adventure activities including zip line, flying fox, valley crossing and commando bridge. Later in the evening, the students again enjoyed the bon-fire and dance and relished the delicious dinner. It was another very exciting day full of activities and adventure.

Day 3:

On the last day of the tour i.e. on 24th December 2018 the team bid good bye to the mystical valleys of Dhanaulti and headed back home. En route the team halted for a couple of hours at the queen of hills Mussoorie and roamed around on the Mall Road. The students indulged in a lot of shopping which they perhaps could not indulge in at Dhanaulti. The exhausted yet refreshed and rejuvenated students eventually retuned to the campus around 12 AM and thereafter immediately dispersed to their respective abodes. The tour was indeed very exciting and enjoyable. The travellers did get a wonderful break from the monotony of the life in a metro.