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Learn about the future of the Indian economy from the Experts!

Learn about the future of the Indian economy from the Experts!

The CMIE Economic Outlook is the answer to your need for reliable data, impartial analysis, and short-term forecasts on the Indian economy. The service incorporates numerous time series from several official and trustworthy sources. The study aims to provide aspirants with an understanding of how the economy evolves. The service also includes detailed forecasts for GDP growth, inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates.

The Jaipuria School of Business, a leading business school in Ghaziabad, successfully organized a training session on the CMIE economic outlook on March 24, 2022. The session was headed by Mr. Sudarshan Negi, Business Relationship Manager of CMIE.

Mr. Negi discussed how this database might benefit our students and faculty members. The session started with the introduction of CMIE and its services.

CMIE analyzes new economic data to provide insights and reveal the causes of changes, delivering a comprehensive picture of India’s economy. The Economic Outlook forecasts GDP growth, inflation, government financial position, trade balance, corporate earnings, etc.

CMIE creates specialized analytical tools to supply economical and business databases to its customers for decision-making and research. It analyses data to determine economic patterns.

He also explained how to access economic outlook data, and established a distinction between economic outlook data and probase database.

Economic outlook data is a product of CMIE. It provides data on important economic indicators like GDP growth, inflation, interest rates, etc. Probase is a database of all India’s companies, products, and brands. It also has information on economic indicators, but it is more detailed and up-to-date.

Mr. Negi dealt with all of their inquiries patiently, including those from students and professors regarding this outlook database.

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars. Many students with a wide attendance attended the session, where they learned about the CMIE economic outlook.