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Learn from the experts- What is Plagiarism and how you can avoid it!

Learn from the experts- What is Plagiarism and how you can avoid it!

Plagiarism is a serious issue that can affect a student’s academic career. It refers to the front of using somebody else’s work without giving credit. It can include copying whole passages from a book or article, as well as paraphrasing someone else’s work without giving them credit. Plagiarism can have severe consequences for the individual student and the university or college involved.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a traning and awareness session on “What is Plagiarism and how you can avoid it.” on February 08, 2022, which Mr. Prakash Sarda and Miss Preeti Rathi headed.

Mr. Sarda started this informative session and gave some significant insights on Plagiarism. He began with an introduction to the assignment, “A task or piece of work allocated for someone’s job as part of the learning experience,” said Mr. Sarda before giving his Fabulous Presentation about Plagiarism.

Mr. Sarda used a thought-provoking approach to teach about Plagiarism. He first asked some simple questions to students that helped them understand the idea better, such as ” In your last assignment, How much you copied, how much did you edit. How much did you write on your own, and last but not least, how much did you learn.”

Mr. Sarda then talked about how vital learning goes beyond just reading and comprehending information into creating something new using one’s knowledge.

He further talked on the eGalactic.” With pride we have been catering the industry since last 13 years, with an aim to help institutions enhance education quality. We offer products to be used in India as well as across 100 countries worldwide with over 15000 universities or Institutes incorporating it into their curriculum!” Mr. Sarda elaborated.

He further elaborated, “Plagiarism is a presenting someone else works or idea as your own, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgment.”

He also explained the different kinds of Plagiarism and gave some essential tips to avoid them. He also discussed why addressing this issue is so important for students!

Ms. Preeti Rathi took the session forward and gave an informative speech on the benefits of “Ourignal,” explaining its unique features and how it can be beneficial. With a detailed explanation, she showed how to use this handy tool.

She explained some unique features of Ouriginal as:

  • Can create Individual accounts for faculty and students: Students can submit the document directly to the faculty members. This way, students and faculty have a log of all the submissions.
  • It avoids false-positive reports: This system avoids false-positive reports and provides similarity percentages.
  • It supports multiple Indian Languages: It supports over 30 languages. Regional languages need to get uploaded in unique code.
  • The system is unavailable for Ghost Writers: Ouriginal is unavailable for ghostwriters. Therefore it does not give Ghostwriter the possibility to deliver the plagiarism reports from ouriginal along with the contract essays, making it harder for them to sell to students at universities that are using ouriginal.

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars. Many students with a vast attendance attended the session, where they learned about What is Plagiarism and how you can avoid it!