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Learn how to implement the latest management lessons in corporations

Learn how to implement the latest management lessons in corporations

Management is a challenging process to learn. It is not something that comes naturally. With the fast pace of business and the ever-changing landscape, it can be challenging for new managers to keep up with all the skills they need to succeed in their position.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on “Learn how to implement the latest management lessons in corporations” on December 18, 2021, which Mr. Harshil Patni, Area Head-HR (Gujarat) from Eureka Forbes, headed.

Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak welcomed the speaker, Mr. Harshil Patni. He advised students to note down the crucial points from the sessions.

Mr. Patni started the session by introducing students to “LEADERSHIP FOR SELF.” He said, ” Leadership is a fascinating term. When we learn about leaders, we find a question whether you can make a leader, or they are born.”

He explained that approximately 50% of people believe that leaders are born, while others think we make leaders. He gave feedback to students “that any person can be a leader with good understanding and knowledge when provided with a proper mentor.”

He further elaborated, “Leaders are those people who know the way and show the way. They can only do this by gaining knowledge and practicing it into a daily habit.”

Mr. Patni highlighted some leadership qualities and said, “Good communication and listening skills are important for a good leader. You should know your purpose; and always take feedback from your colleagues, friends that make you become a good leader.”

Mr. Patni explained a quote to students ” If you’re known as someone dependable, that’s a great professional brand.” Therefore you need to ensure how it gets done. The three crucial things are punctuality, integrity, and reliability for good leadership quality.

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars. Many students with a vast attendance attended the session, where they learned how to implement the latest management lessons in corporations how these techniques can support their life goals!