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Orientation Day 4 – Session 1 of Prarambh 2020

Orientation Day 4 – Session 1 of Prarambh 2020

Prarambh 2020
Day 4 Session I: 11am-12.30 pm
Expert Talk: Big Data & Analytics

The fourth day of the Prarambh 2020 of Jaipuria School of Business dwelled on the infusion, implementation and usage of AI and Data Analytics in Business. The session was graced by Mr.Imran Saeed, Director Absolute Data Research & Analytics Solutions Pvt Ltd. As a leader in the key space of Data Science and Analytics, Mr. Saeed has been driving growth across International and developing markets – across the US, Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. His thought leadership in this area includes publishing and presenting multiple papers at various international conferences & seminars on Analytics and its application in emerging markets.

Jaipuria School of Business (2)Mr. Saeed highlighted the need for the engagement of the right people and the right technology, as well as hardware to handle the data that is available in a certain domain. Information base is growing at a huge rate and consequently every data has an expiration date with value, Data Analytics are the future disruptors in Business. The use of Analytics is gradually becoming omnipresent as can be seen in its use in Planning and forecasting, in operations across business domains viz. Agriculture, retail and increasingly in the entertainment sector. Aligning everything to operate synchronously is an extremely daunting task in today’s world.Mr. Saeed also threw light on the increasing demand for analyzing unstructured data, which is driving the need for different frameworks in various domains. He also stated the barriers that exist in the field of AI adoption are mainly due to the lack of a clear strategy, talent and functional silos.

He advised the students to identify and enhance their core strength areas and work on developing their competencies in the same and make choices on pursuing specialisations accordingly. He also advised them to keep themselves updated with the new languages that are coming up in the technology domain to make the best of the use of the Analytics and AI that are increasingly gaining ground in dominating the future of business.