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Orientation Program Day 5 of Prarambh 2020

Orientation Program Day 5 of Prarambh 2020

Prarambh 2020
Day 5: 11am-2.30 pm
Director’s Address and Introduction to Laboratories

Day 5 of Prarambh 2020 commenced with an interaction by the Director of JSB, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra to collate students’ response on the various sessions held so far as a part of the Induction-cum-Orientation programme. He reiterated the commitment of Management along with faculty and staff members towards a student’s growth and development as a Management professional and, help them fulfill the growing demands of the industry. He advised the students to absorb the inputs shared by the various industry experts and make the best use of the same in honing their skills for the future.

Jaipuria School of Business (1)The Director’s interaction was followed by an introduction of the various laboratories at the institute. These laboratories provide students a hands-on exposure to apply their classroom learning into practical use through simulated activities at the laboratories. Jaipuria School of Business has four laboratories which are perused by the students to add value to their learning. These labs are in different domains including Finance, IT and Language.

The Finance lab equips students with the practical knowledge of the world of investment by catering to the basics of HOW, WHEN, WHY and WHERE to invest. It provides them with a virtual platform with virtual money to start practicing as in a real-life situation. This enables them to gain an idea of the way the stock exchange market operates.

The IT/Business Analytics Lab is used for helping students learn the practical applications of information technology and business analytics.It contains state-of-art hardware with latest software technologies suited to develop and learn software related to the various courses.

The Language Lab helps student enhance proficiency in their English Language communication through the Wordsworth English Language Trainer software. It enables to students to practice and sharpen their language skills at their own pace, space and needs. The Resource person of this lab will guide them to a better pronunciation, grammar skills, use of various intonations and improve listening skills.

The institute has a MOOC lab “Digitalshala” for enabling students to pursue short term online courses offered by various online education platforms. Some of these courses now also carry credit-value as per the latest directives from the statutory authority, AICTE. Through the MOOC lab students can pursue courses that will add value in their chosen domain of specialisation and help them enhance their career and employability prospects. These also add to their knowledge repertoire based on their interest in any area / activity.

The formal foundation classes in Basic Maths conducted by Dr. N K Gupta, and Communications skills by Dr.Vartika Chaturvedi followed the above session.