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Orientation Program Day-8 Session-1 of Prarambh 2020

Orientation Program Day-8 Session-1 of Prarambh 2020

Prarambh 2020
Day 8, August 22, 2020
Session on Happiness

On the day 8 of Prarambh 2020, JSB held a session by Shri Vinod Malhotra, Advisor , Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions along with Mr.Harish Sanduja, Director- Schools, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Schools,  shared their fascinating Research on the science of  “Happiness’ and how one can apply to its theory in one’s daily life specially during difficult times.

Jaipuria School of Business (1)The session stressed on the fact that Happiness is individual-centric. It can never be brought upon by others and one needs to realise this before seeking happiness elsewhere. It also brought out the correlation between the atmosphere we are in and how we can work to improve or maintain it so that it affects us positively the session brought forth the essence of being a child, which is purely innocence personified and goaded one to be as simple minded and innocent as a child. The speakers also stressed on the importance of inculcating the mindset of giving more than receiving. As poll results indicated, one gets more satisfaction and develops a “feel-good” factor after one is engaged as a giver. Knowledge also enlightens one’s mind and the more knowledge one gains, the more satisfied a soul is, thus making continuous learning an essential part of our existence.

Speakers concluded the session by stressing on the importance of working in two areas: the causes and consequences of social behaviour (e.g., in relation to the personality trait of introversion-extraversion), and the links among nature, people’s sense of connection to nature (nature relatedness), happiness, and environmentally sustainable behaviour.