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Orientation Program Day-9 Session-1 of Prarambh 2020

Orientation Program Day-9 Session-1 of Prarambh 2020

Prarambh 2020
Day 9, Session I: 11am -12 pm
Expert Talk: Opportunities in the field of Supply Chain Management

On its 9th day of the Induction cum Orientation programme, Prarambh 2020, the Corporate Resource Cell held a session with an expert on the Opportunities in the field of Supply Chain Management. The guest speaker for the session was Mr. Abhijit Kotnis, President and COO of Dixon Technologies(I) Ltd.

Jaipuria School of Business (5)Mr. Kotnis started his session with a presentation on Operations and Supply Chain management. He explained the definition of SCM as the “Management of Goods flow that includes designing, planning, execution, control and monitoring of the supply chain act to create value and fulfill demand of customers”. He also went ahead with explaining the concept behind Operations Management as “to have an effective and efficient Manufacturing process so as to compete with the competition and generate profits for the organisation”. He further explained the various functions of Operations and SCM, their evolution, the key elements involved, the importance and need of having SCM, the various drivers of SCM process and the globalisation of the Operations and SCM and their impact on the economy across the world.

Later while addressing student queries, he also touched upon the challenges faced by Ops and SCM in meeting their deliverables and keeping up with consumer demand. He advised the students to learn thoroughly and work hard to their goals as there is no shortcut to success.