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Pre-Orientation Programme – Charting Out A Winning Career, 12th June 2021

Charting Out A Winning Career by Mr Colin Mendes

Pre-Orientation Programme – Charting Out A Winning Career, 12th June 2021

Business education is more than just learning the nitty-gritty of the corporate world and the economy at large. It’s also about teaching the students to chart out a winning career.

A session of PRARAMBH – JOURNEY TO EXCELLENCE, the Pre-Orientation Programme of Jaipuria School of Business, focusing on this very aspect of business education for the students of PGDM Batch 2021-23.

Held virtually on 12 June 2021, the session titled ‘Charting Out A Winning Career’ was helmed by Mr. Colin Mendes, Head of Human Resource, Voltas Beko. Mr. Mendes drew from his rich professional experience and expertise to share some important insights on the factors that go into making a successful career.

According to him, students must focus on acquiring the skills that are necessary for a bright career. Doing so requires dedicated learning of these skills, along with periodic upskilling and reskilling to make oneself a cut above others in one’s profession.

Mr. Mendes spoke about soft skills and hard skills and how both of them matter in a successful career. He said students and teachers must know and keep track of the latest trends in talent acquisition to keep abreast of the rapidly changing industry and make the most of these advances.

The session concluded with a rapid-fire round of questions which Mr. Mendes answered with the sagacity of an industry veteran.

The Online Pre-Orientation Programme of Jaipuria School of Business is a great platform for the new students to get acquainted with the institution, business education, and get the first glimpse into the realities of the corporate world.

The coming days will see more interesting sessions on a variety of topics that any MBA PGDM aspirant will learn greatly from.

When it comes to aligning business education with corporate realities, there’s no beating Jaipuria School of Business. It’s among the best business schools in the Delhi-NCR region.