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Ratio Analysis Practitioner Session by Jaipuria School Of Business

Ratio Analysis Practitioner Session by Jaipuria School Of Business

Ratio analysis is a technique used to identify and investigate relationships between related data. Financial analysts often use ratio analyses to spot anomalies, determine how a company compares to others in its sector, or decide whether its financial situation is trending upwards or downwards. Understanding these figures can help you determine whether to invest in a business or not and which businesses you should be looking at, and which ones you should avoid.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a Special Practitioner Session on Ratio Analysis, which CA Gaurav Arora headed from Power Grid Corporation of India.

CA Gaurav Arora shared how the Trend analysis tool aids the business in estimating financial data and how it evaluates the change in an amount from one period to the next. Furthermore, he has given various examples to understand financial analysis quickly.

Mr. Arora talked about using and understanding essential ratios that come up in financial statement analysis. He also presented an annual financial report of a company and demonstrated live all the ratios and cash flow statements. This session was highly interactive, as it featured actual-life examples and quotes that helped students understand the process better.

Mr. Arora structures financial statement analysis into three parts so that students can get to know the insights of financial planning.

  • Financial statement analysis I: Percentage change analysis.
  • Financial statement analysis II: Ratio analysis.
  • Financial statement analysis III: Need for accounting analysis.

He detailed all of these points thoroughly, including plenty of examples. What’s more, the way he explained them is good. It’s just as easy as it is thorough. A short question and answer time allowed the students to pose any queries about the topic.

It was a very successful session for all. The students understand the meaning of financial analysis and how it’s essential in managing and monitoring finances. Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars.