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Reimagining The Workplace Post Pandemic Era

Reimagining The Workplace Post Pandemic Era

A pandemic is the most catastrophic and destructive event that can happen to a society. Experts have predicted it for years, and we are finally living in the Era of global warming where there may be another. As the world adapts to the new normal of an influenza pandemic, many people wonder how their jobs will continue.

Jaipuria School of Business organized ‘PARISAMVAAD’ 2021 HR Virtual Conclave, in which Mr. Vardha Rajhu Janadhanan (Vice president Human Resource-Flipkart) was the Keynote speaker of the event. Panel one was on the topic “Talent Aqustation: Changing dynamics and Surface challenges” speaker for this panel were Mr. Suresh Kumar (CHRO in Polycab) and Mr. Sahil Nair (Senior associate director of KPMG), Mr. Sudhir Verma (Head HRIR and medical services at Tata Power, DDL), and Miss Moushmi Dhar (Head of HR Compass).

The second panel was on the topic “Changing role of HR in the context of Technology Disruptions, Digitalization and Gig Economy” Miss Swarna Sudha (Talent Development Head in Europe, UK, Ireland), Mr. Naresh Devi (Chief growth officer at Husys Bengaluru), Miss Indrani Ghosh (Chief HR officer at Eli research), Miss Harini Sreenivasan (Partner Semcostyle Mumbai).

The third panel was on the topic of “The 3 s approaches to the engaging millennium: Speed, Satisfaction and Shine” Mr. Sankalp Shakund(TDSG-Head HR), Mr. Sanjeev  Bhatia(CEO at Nobility Ventures), Miss Reena Kumari(Chief Administrative officer at Indian Airforce), Miss Sangita Mehrotra(Head HR at RB cutters private limited) were third panelists of the event. This conclave was on 30 October 2021.

The session started with the introduction to the “Post Pandemic Era,” what has changed due to the pandemic, why talents pay more attention to leaders right now, and the last point Will this changing demand a different mental model.

Director Sir Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra started this event and said, ” We all know that pandemic is not over yet. We are still in the doldrums, and we have our gazes that where we are so far as a pandemic is concerned.” He also said that life is all about hope and imagination. Therefore, the workplace is also changing as time is changing; the pandemic has redefined many things.

This event intends essential thoughts and perspectives on subjects that will delve into the future of Business Enterprises, Work, and the Workplace to build the notion of a New Normal.

Following the epidemic, everyone’s working modules have undergone several adjustments. Mr. Vardha further describes why Post -Pandemic is all about “Adaptive Organisation.” He explained a few essential points to remember that “who we are,” “how we operate,” and “how do we grow.” These are three critical levers about which he has discussed in the conclave.

Mr. Vardha said,” if we want to reimagine the future, we need to build a highly resilient, compassionate, experimentative, and forward-looking organization.” The events discuss how COVID has impacted our lives and the challenges faced by different organizations.

Miss Maushami headed the event with the topic of “talent acquisition, challenges dynamics, and surfacing challenges.” She asked the panelist, “what are the challenges they are facing in their business domain during the pandemic and post-pandemic periods.”

Answering her question, Mr.Sahil Nair said,” organizations in march of 2020, depending on the sectors, enable which business CB plans to play so that productivity doesn’t hamper.” He also emphasized some key points, “war for talents and need for changes,” because things go from face-to-face to virtual.

Mr. Subhir also joined the conclave, and he said, ” In my opinion every organization need is different, So in general we need to understand the problem we are facing” He explained the problem faced are: work pattern, employment type, workforce pool has increased, organization details, technology and last how to research these talent workforces.

Mr. Suresh Kumar said, ” Positions and jobs are redundant, becoming very fast. So, today the dynamics have changed, moving the system very fast so that studying today may become obsolete tomorrow.”

Continuing the conclave Miss Harini asked a question about” technology disrupting HR.” Miss Swarna answered this question and said, ” In the current scenario, collaboration tools might help the chatbox, cloud-based HR. There are going to be integrated HR platforms that you will use”

Miss Indrani Ghosh answered the question, and she said, ” The best thing to keep is a balance between technology and human touch. Human touch should always be there, and you should use technology in a way that it frees up space which you can take up for intelligent work.”

Mr. Naresh answers a question of  Miss Harini “How personal management evolved.” He said, “with the 21st century being the kind of philosophies which has been there as people saying out we are humans and we wanted to make ourself a better equipped with a sort of process win.”

Miss Sangita speaks about the ecosystem should be collaborative in this pandemic era. One has to nurture along with nature. She also invited Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia to enlighten upon three S followed by fourth S.

Mr. Sanjeev said, ” There is the industrial revolution, and there are still people who work for survival. There was a time when people used to work for ROTI, KAPDA, and MAKAN, as there were fewer opportunities. He also an emphasis on industrial revolution as the knowledge of Power.”

Miss Reena joined the conclave, and she said, “People who join defense forces are extensions of the same society where this generation is growing up.” Mr. Sankal also answered the same question, and he said, ” Any organization will have to work towards its objective. It will need diversity in terms of people, thoughts, and human decision.”

At the end of the conclave, two students showed a presentation on ” Corehrir Group” and gave momentum to all the panelists of the conclave.

Jaipuria School of Business emphasizes the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through seminars and workshops. The students and teachers with a vast attendance have attended this conclave where they learned about the post-pandemic Era.