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Seminar on Organizational Development at Jaipuria School of Business!

Seminar on Organizational Development at Jaipuria School of Business!

Leadership is an integral part of any organization, but it can be challenging to find the right person for the job. The wrong leader can lead a business toward failure, which is why finding a good one is so important.

Leadership is a crucial component to the success of any organization. Keeping n view these reasons, Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on “Organizational Development, attributes required by the leaders to carry out development in the organization, how to bring desired changes in the organization” under Leader’s Talk Series.

Students at Jaipuria School of Business had a very informative and exciting session on Organizational Development hosted by Mr Dilip Jadeja, Director Rolling Stocks, Alstom.

During his address with the students, Mr Dilip said, “sustainability is the key to every development process for any organization. It is always advisable for organizations to revisit their mission and vision statements to bring out development.”

With several examples from the business world, Mr. Jadeja tried his best to bring more insights into the concept. The session was very interactive, and students participated very enthusiastically and had their queries answered by the guests.

During the interaction in the event, Mr. Jadeja talked about crucial business goals for sustainability and passed on some valuable input for the students.

Mr Jadega highlighted how businesses must aim for sustainability with the following points:

  • The company must be profitable while delivering safe and competitive products or services to our customers
  • The company optimize the environmental performance of products or services
  • To the best of their ability, the businesses must aim to leave the next generation with an environment unspoiled by the industry activities and products.
  • Being a preferred employer, including the provision of healthy and safe working places
  • The business must aim to transfer best practices & knowledge, especially in less industrialized countries where we have a presence.

Students attended the session with excellent attendance and interest. Being interactive, the sessions benefitted many students on their queries, which were answered by the guest enthusiastically. Jaipuria School of Business offers the best PGDM courses in Delhi NCR and focuses on students’ overall development rather than imparting subject-based knowledge!