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Social Media Presence & How to Ace it

Social Media Presence & How to Ace it

Social media is a great tool to guide you grow your brand. Using social media wisely and strategically will help you better connect with others and give you an advantage in the job market. Social media has changed the world in numerous ways. It’s made it easier for people to connect and share their lives in a way that was never before possible.

Jaipuria School of Business organized a guest lecture on “Social Media Presence & How to Ace it” on December 18, 2020 (Friday), which Ms. Manjula headed.

Stressing on the tremendous benefits of social media, she said that, “Leveraging social media for learning, analyzing, synthesizing,  understanding and reflecting on the subject matter of your interest, brand, business and value formation is not only incredible but beneficial too.”

She said that social media is changing the way we live. It’s now easier to stay connected with our loved ones, collaborate on projects, and express ourselves in new ways. During the interaction in the guest lecture, she highlighted significant leverages of social media “How to use,” “what to use,” and “when to use.”

Ms. Manjula showed the students the presentation on “The Art of Content Creation.” She gave the student a detailed description of how to create effective and relevant content online. She also explains to students that how content creation helps in the generation of  ROI.

Ms. Manjula highlighted a few points of content marketing as:

  • Content marketing brings three times more leads than traditional marketing.
  • SMBs that use content marketing get 126% more leads than those that do not use content marketing.
  • 61% of online purchases are a direct result of people reading blogs.
  • Companies that publish 16+ posts per month get 3.5% more traffic than those publishing four or fewer posts per month.

Students attended the session with excellent attendance and interest. The sessions benefitted many students on their queries, which were answered by the guest enthusiastically. Jaipuria School of Business offers the best PGDM courses in Delhi NCR and focuses on students’ overall development rather than imparting subject-based knowledge!