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Successful completion of Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma

Successful completion of Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business strategy that aims to improve the quality of products and services. Engineer Bill Smith introduced it in 1986, which has been widely used by companies worldwide since then! Lean Six Sigmas combines lean manufacturing techniques with six sigma methods for better performance!

Jaipuria School of Business, a leading business school in Ghaziabad, has successfully organized an innovative course designed to help students understand how they can implement Lean Six Sigma techniques into their work. The 12-hour Value, Added Certification Course, titled “Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma,” was held on February 24th and 25th, 2022. Under the aggies of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, (MSME) Govt. of India for the PGDM 2nd year student by the MSME Certified expert trainer, Mr. Shahsi Prakash.

Mr. Prakash highlighted the importance of six-sigma and lean philosophy for their applications in real life, particularly in production or services industries where waste needs to get reduced.

The course covered the roles and responsibilities of six-sigma belt professionals with an objective focus on extracting true imperatives for today’s changing expectations from customers. It also highlighted their feedback on a wide variety of products/services they offer, making them more effective at providing better customer service!

The coverage expanded to Six Sigma applications. The Six Sigma course may contribute to resource management efficiency and increase corporate efficiency, change management, and waste management by adopting a lean mentality.

The course introduced project management and helped students understand the importance of including customers in all aspects. The participants learned how to apply this knowledge through practical exercises involving six-sigma methods and VOC training with examples given throughout each module that demonstrate what’s possible when you take these skills into account from the start – including team development approach towards people management!

This course taught students about statistics and allowed them to learn how different data types can be captured and analyzed. In addition, they got hands-on experience with Sigma Level Calculations (DPO/DPMO), testing normality through implementation into software such as Minitab or Box plots.

This high-level learning allowed seven quality control tools: Check Sheet, Flow chart, Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Chart,  Scatterplot, Histogram, And Control Charts.

Along with all participants, Dr. Tapan Kumar Nayak, Director-JSB, and Dr. Vivek Soni, Faculty (Ops & SCM), recognized the expert’s contribution to enriching the students of JSB, specifically for his practical, infusing, and more insightful approach to high learning.

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of any production process, focusing on managing resources and reducing waste through discrete approaches to different types of waste management techniques. Six Sigma is a proven methodology for reducing costs and increasing productivity. With Lean Performance Metrics or Value Stream Mapping, you can optimize your company’s efficiency by implementing six Sigma into key processes!

Jaipuria School of Business highlights the advanced learning of students through experience and caters to this idea through workshops and seminars.