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Talent, Technology & Transformation of Human Resource as a Field!

Talent, Technology & Transformation of Human Resource as a Field!

In the digital age, HR needs to be reinvented for a new world. This means that organizations will have to revamp their hiring practices and methods of evaluation to stay ahead of trends within this evolving sector – it’s not enough just relying on old strategies from before!

HR strategies and processes are becoming more digital, which is a significant challenge for corporations. There will be a direct impact on HR Strategies & Processes involving People, Technology & the Need for Transformation. HR needs to keep up with this transition smoothly and efficiently.

HR for the digital age requires a reinvention of the strategies and methods for hiring, training, evaluation, rewards, engagement & value addition to the business.

Students at Jaipuria School of Business attended an HRM Conclave at AIMA, which carried an “HR Strategy on Talent, Technology & Transformation” agenda.

The programme was chaired by Mr S Y Siddiqui, Executive Advisor – Maruti Suzuki India.

The event witnessed participation by several pioneers of the corporate world such as Suresh Dutt Tripathi, Vice President & HR of TATA Steel; P Dwarakanath, Chairman GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd and Human Resource Managers Dabur India, Air India, Amazon, Infosys, etc.

Critical discussions in the conclave included:

  • The business model must be flexible to sustain the tech-savvy & dynamic environment. Rigid models often take business out of vogue.
  • Technology being adopted by businesses should be in the context of the respective countries.
  • When talking about innovation & talent, top-level management is not the only source, but the blue-collar workforce contributes significantly.
  • Application of mind is important in a phase when we are primarily reliant on technology without much thinking.
  • As far as the rise of the gig workforce is concerned, organisation structure has to change as generation changes.
  • To bring a transformational change, the mindset of people has to be focused on.
  • In a world where the new tech-savvy gig workforce wants more in no time, patience is crucial. Results take time, not before time.

The discussions during the conclave focused on how Human Resources must facilitate organizational transformation for agility to adapt to market and technology shifts. HR managers operate in a complex talent ecosystem that includes a multi-generation workforce, gig workers & intelligent machines. HR itself is getting automated & HR professionals have to learn to work with data, robotics, & artificial intelligence & align with business strategy to add value to the business.

The conclave was attended by the students in large numbers & faculty members of Jaipuria School of Business.