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Technology Product Management by Prof Bhupender Singh

Technology Product Management by Prof Bhupender Singh

Over the last couple of years, the Technology Product Management (TPM) program has started to become a destination for management students interested in a career in information technology. More and more recruiters has started paying attention to this program as they look for product managers for their companies.

TPM is an awesome career choice for many of the following features that may worth for you: You get excited about how things work, you are full of innovative ideas for creating a new product or enhancing an existing one, you love observing how customers use a product and have a keen ear for what a customer is saying, you love working with cross-functional teams on projects around technology products, you lead with passion and listen to feedback, you are not afraid to declare failure so that you can quickly start afresh and you have a background in technology or engineering.

All kinds of companies and industries—from software to pharmaceuticals, from electronics to web-based—are seeking product managers, making it a diverse and interesting hunting ground for product management students.

Overall, the internship is the perfect way to wrap up and a great training ground for a future career in product management. Many such opportunities exist for current and future for product management students as more and more of our alumni make a mark in technology product management and inspire companies to look at our specialized program for such roles.