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Things to be remembered to improve work culture by Dr. Radha Yadav

Things to be remembered to improve work culture by Dr. Radha Yadav

Healthy environment is the need of all human being for sustainability on earth. Like this, an environment which gives success and motivation for work becomes a great work culture for employees and it accelerates the productivity.

“You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give my people and I will build the empire again”- Henry Ford

Famous quotes say about the importance of the employees, it is a vital role of management to maintain the healthy work culture for the employees to sustain and compete in the market.

Work culture is the summation of belief, thought process and attitude of the employee. Top management regulates a policy to improve the work culture but it is a practice of regular basis. Research says that behaviour and attitude of the employees create a positive or negative work culture. Here are some points to be remembered on daily basis to improve the work culture:

1. Acknowledgment and Visibility: Employee works for the organisation goal as well as for individual goal. It should be in a regular practice to acknowledge the other’s work; it gives motivation and happiness to excel towards new assignment. Personality varies from person to person; extrovert can say things easily but introvert can’t. So, Management should keep an eye on each and every employee to improve individual personality and work environment.


2. Reward Employee for a good performance: It is a human nature not to get satisfied with the available things, but it does not mean that manager or seniors will find loopholes in the assigned work. It was a traditional approach where manager had different types of work style where giving reward meant to create overconfidence in employee, but, now the things have changed. It is important to give reward to employees in terms of monetary or non-monetary instead giving only at the time of annual performance appraisal period.


3. Focus on grievances: It should be a job of reporting manager to talk about the peer and superior relations to the employee. Do not wait for that time when grievances convert into conflicts. A very little daily issue makes a work culture uneasy.


4. Stop Poking: Some employees are excellent in handling the emotions, but it does not make any sense to make the other person’s emotions unstable. It should be job of each person to make a healthy work culture.

5. Give respect and take respect: It is very old saying that to command respect one has to give respect; it has been continuously following in everywhere. There should not be “follow hierarchy system” when we talk about the respect.

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Dr. Radha Yadav, Assistant Professor – HR & OB.