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Transformational Journey of Technology & Humans Discussed at JSB!

Transformational Journey of Technology & Humans Discussed at JSB!

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and it will only get better here. With so many incredible technological advancements, it’s hard to know where to start. But one thing is for sure: technology is changing the way we live, and it’s changing the way we think.

Jaipuria School of Business hosted a Webinar to address the transformative journey of technology and humans, with guest speaker Mr Sudheer Tikko, Vice President, Bosch Singapore.

Being a technologist and futurist, he theories out the current models of policy & community living and how they will be challenged by technology. He has progressive views on how AI and technology will play a role in the future.

Dr Tapan Kumar Nayak, Dean of JSB, welcomed the guest and briefed him about the programs offered by the JSB. Students have regular interaction and excellent technology exposure at Jaipuria School of Business.

“The technology, techniques and tools will change the business dynamics in the coming years. To cope with this change, technology and the future techniques will help bring better insights into the business world,” said Dr Tapan.

The session was divided into two parts: AI and what it means for future career prospects. How to add skills to stay fit for the future. The webinar proceeded with Mr Sudheer explaining basic types of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

“AI/ML needs corporates, executives and managers who can manage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage profiles; thus, we need professionals,” said Mr Sudheer.

Mr Sudheer also discussed some Promising AI Research like K super Computer, Bits replaced by Qubits (Quantum Computing). He explained how 48% of current jobs in different sectors like automation, finance, education, etc., will convert, and some may even vanish due to progress in computing. Many processing jobs will be gone in the next decade, with 40% of workers using AI full-time.

He stressed that generation Z must upskill as the rise of automation will impact careers. AI and demographic shifts will change the scope of work; Business models will change and scramble to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment. The job profile will change from making harmony between men to men (HR). Some profiles like Chief AI trust Officer will create trust between men and machines. Another example he cited was a personal memory curator profile, where professionals create an augmented reality of the experience of people who have died.

“These jobs need people with management skills. Enhancing skills in the core management is the key to steering this technology disruption. You need to develop skills to stay fit for the future. Creativity & curiosity, superior domain expertise and urge to learn new things, empathy to work in diverse teams, communication (Listening), and integrated thinking are some that are going to help students down the line are some to name,” he added.

“For future jobs, people need to embrace the discomfort of not knowing, distinguish between complicated and complex, resist oversimplification and quick conclusion and zoom out overall to look at the bigger picture,” he added.

Lastly, he said that Acceptance to change is what we need to make sure we have a smoother transformation. The role of humans is inevitable in this transition. Thus, we need to explore the scope and be on centre-stage.

Keeping in view the transformational needs of the future, JSB introduces regular structural changes in the PGDM curriculum through elaborate industry interactions and regular contact with prominent professionals.