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Webinar on Personal Branding on 18th & 19th April

Webinar on Personal Branding on 18th & 19th April

Jaipuria School of Business organised a two day Webinar on the topic personal branding. In this webinar, the participants learned the concept of personal branding, the elements of personal branding and why it is important to be a self-brand.

 Day 1 (18th April)  – Speakers

Ms. Anjali Khanna: VP HR Jaipuria Group of Institutions

Mr. Vikas Madan: Senior Director Capgemini

Moderator Dr. Timira Shukla Dean Academics Jaipuria School of Business

Number of participants: 280

Ms. Anjali Khanna started the session with the basics of building a personal brand, she also emphasized on  identifying the factors that impact an individual to be different from others and what are the key elements required for personal branding .

Mr.Vikas Madan shared his real time experiences of how he worked on building himself as a successful brand. He also gave some important mantras or tips to the participants on being a successful individual brand.

Dr. Timira Shukla moderated the session in an effective manner in which queries of participants were rightly answered.


Day 2 (19th April) – Speakers

Dr. Timira Shukla

Dr. Nitin Kr Saxena

Dr. Vartika Chaturvedi

Number of participants: 220

Dr. Saxena initiated the session by explaining different modes of branding oneself on applications like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. He also guided the participants to what extent these applications are beneficial in making oneself visible and innovative. He gave live hands on experience on how to create your brand name (custom url) of your own.

Dr. Vartika Chaturvedi explained how strong and impactful digital footprints can be built on digital platforms. She emphasised on the importance of infographic and video resumes. She not only discussed why these contemporary formats are important in this digital era, she also beautifully shared the format of the video resume, which was very helpful for the participants.

Dr Timira Shukla re-emphasized on the importance of personal branding, why it is believed that if you do not exist on google, you actually do not exist. She also explains the create-curate-connect triangulate concept of content creation.

At the end of the session, few questions of the participants were taken-up. The session was an enriching experience for the participants.