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Women’s day ….women empowerment by Dr Anindita Sharma

Women’s day ….women empowerment by Dr Anindita Sharma

I just feel demeaned when it is said empower women. Who on earth can empower me? Where is that power that can empower me? I am powerful. What I want to achieve I can achieve…Power on both the fronts i.e., social and professional, I am the only one who can empower myself.

Domestic violence, if there is any, will be taken care of. I know my rights. I can walk out of relationship. I have the guts. ‘cos I am financially independent. Emotions can be given a new status-HIDDEN.

I salute all educated women. I represent all of them.

I am helpless on this women’s day for those women who are physically assaulted and confined to the rooms as if they have done something wrong, for those who are wedded to the kitchen and given divorce for not making food for their family for whom she accepted servility, for those who are denied education on the pretext that they will go to different homes as if they will leave the world after that and the money spent on them will go waste, for those who are mentally assaulted and no one is there to understand her and for those whose character is assassinated just because she wants to live her life in her own way……?

Help me ….I am helpless.

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Dr. Anindita is an associate professor in Jaipuria School of Business