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“To be a leading value-based futuristic management institution of excellence in the country”

Core Values

Jaipuria School of Business imbibes the Jaipuria Group values: Empower, Enthuse, and Excel We complement our group values with: Integrity, Diversity, Creativity, Social Responsibility, Global Perspective, Excellence, and Ethics.


“To provide an empowering environment for developing managerial and leadership skills, knowledge leading to aspirational career and life goals, inculcating values, ethics, global and entrepreneurial mindset to catalyze sustainable societal transformation”


M1 : To provide relevant and contemporary knowledge and managerial skills for aspirational careers across industries;

M2 : To facilitate a learning environment with the right blend of values and transformational skills for leadership;

M3 : To equip students with innovative, entrepreneurial, and global mindset essential for different sectors;

M4 : To sensitize students towards social, environmental, and ethical dimensions and prepare them for global citizenship.


PEO1: Become competent leaders and managers across varied business sectors.

PEO2: Be an effective change agent with an ethical and pragmatic approach.

PEO3: Demonstrate leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit and global mindset.

PEO4: Exhibit empathy and sensitivity towards sustainable societal transformation.

Program Outcomes (PO)

PO1: Apply management theories and practices in business decision-making.

PO2: Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-driven business solutions.

PO3: Demonstrate leadership skills with innovation, creativity, and futuristic perspective.

PO4: Integrate ethics, entrepreneurial and global mindset in decision-making for achieving organizational goals.

PO5: Develop value-based practices for societal transformation and sustainable development.